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Eating Well Made Easy

Discover the stress-free secret to healthy eating with easy to follow meal plans tailored to your nutritional needs and favourite foods.

🥗Create weekly meal plans tailored to your exact nutrition requirements and fitness goals.

🛒Generate shopping lists to save you time and stress and help you buy only the food that you need.

🧑‍View recipes for every meal in your plan to make meal preperation easy.

Confidence in your Food Choices

Too many people still rely on guesswork when it comes to their nutrition. It's little surprise that they then struggle to lose weight, improve their health or get the results they want in the gym.

We made Mealll to give you confidence in your food choices. Each plan contains a menu that is precisely tailored to your body, goals and nutritional needs. Mealll gives you the confidence that you're eating the correct number of calories and getting the right amount of protein, fat and carbs.

Plan healthy meals with Mealll

Meal Plans as Unique as You

A generic meal plan is not going to get you the results that you want. We all have different bodies, different tastes, different schedules and different goals. It makes sense that we should all have different meal plans.

Mealll uses the latest AI technology to help you craft a plan that is as unique as you. Your plan will include the foods that you love and avoid the ones that you hate. Better still, it will be precisely tailored to your own age, weight, activity levels and goals.

Plan healthy meals with Mealll

Less Time, Less Stress

Planning and preparing healthy meals can be difficult. It's hard to know what ingredients to buy or how to combine them together into a meal that you're excited to eat. Throw in modern life's hectic schedule and it's easy to see why so many people struggle to eat well.

It doesn't have to be so hard. Each meal plan generated comes with a complete grocery list to make your food shopping simple. Every meal on your plan includes an easy to follow recipe. By planning your weeks meals this way, you can take the headache out of healthy eating.

Plan healthy meals with Mealll

Discover New Recipes

Getting stuck in a rut with your meals is the easiest way to destroy your diet. When you're faced with eating the same uninspiring meals day in and day out, it's all to easy to give into temptation and order a take out or grab some fast food.

Mealll helps you stick with your healthy eating plan by giving you much needed variety in your diet. Our cutting edge AI technology helps you to discover new meals that you'll love to eat and teaches you how to prepare them.

Plan healthy meals with Mealll




  • - 12 Meal plan creation credits.
  • - Recipes and preparation instructions for every meal.
  • - No subscription. Use your credits at your own pace and access your meal plans at any time.
  • - For everyday people looking to improve their health.

How Mealll Works

1. Select your daily nutrient requirements

Our sliders allow you to easily select what percentage of your calories come from protein, carbs and fats.

Plan healthy meals with Mealll

2. Enter your meal preferences

Select the number of meals and snacks you want a day and chose your goal. Mealll customises your plan to meat any dietary requirement, avoid foods you don't like and include the ones that you love.

Plan healthy meals with Mealll

3. Create your plan

Press submit and our AI will get to work preparing a meal plan customised to your needs.

Plan healthy meals with Mealll

4. View your plan

Once your plan has been created, you can view each days meals, their nutrient content and ingredients. All plans that you create will be saved for you to access later.

Plan healthy meals with Mealll

5. Generate preparation instructions

Click the “Preparation Instructions” button and receive step by step instructions on how to cook any meal.

Plan healthy meals with Mealll

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